Dan Lucas

Razing the Blog

Not really.

I’m starting a new project to create a new blog using different technology. Octopress and Jekyll are awesome but I need the practice.

So here’s what we’re going to do.

  • New personal space set up at github
  • Adding a new category the rebuild and give it top billing in the navigation
  • Simplification the design of this blog, because why not?

I’m keeping all the updates public, and you’ll be able to follow them here, but I’ll probably deemphasize them on the page so they don’t get in the way of the more general posts.

Wish me luck. (Turns on bulldozer…)



Working on something…

What I Did This Weekend

Reading the Twitters the other day, someone mentioned (sorry, should have starred it) that when they are looking at resumes they are less interested in what you’ve done at work or at school and are way more interested in what you did last weekend. What you do in your spare time shows what you’re really passionate about.

Now that I think about it, I think it was zefrank.

Anyway it got me thinking about what I actually do on weekends. My first thought after watching that video was of course, “Oh my goodness, I don’t code nearly enough on the weekends! People are going to think that I don’t care enough about code and design! I need to get some projects started, redesign the website, run some experiments, code code code!” Then I remembered that, “No, I have a daughter and it’s her birthday this weekend and your job is to celebrate it.”

Then I realized that I actually do a lot of diverse things on the weekend. Sometimes I code. Sometimes I spend time with my family and friends. Sometimes I write or play video games or read or make a new recipe. But unfortunately, sometimes I just sit around too.

So then I thought, “I should make a website to encourage myself not to do that last thing.” So I did.

This weekend I celebrated a little girl’s birthday.

Responsive Text

Just out of curiosity I wanted to know if I could manipulate text using just HTML and CSS3. More than just change size or line-height, I want to actually show hide inline text.

But first I just want to try embedding codepen.io in this new blog:

Well that was ridiculously easy. See the full codepen here.

For right now I’m just changing the text to use initials instead of the full name once the space gets under 600px. Updates as I figure out more.

Leaning Post

This post is named “Leaning Post”, because I was going to call it “Learning Post” but made a typo. Then I just left it like that because I like the sound of a leaning post. A place you can just lean on for a little while in middle of or after work. Just to get set your mind at ease for even a few seconds.

Of course this site is not for that at all. This is supposed to be a portfolio / library / playground / blog thing where I keep my thoughts and the things I’m working on organized. It’s a living site, one where I update not just posts, but the design, the features, and the content as well. I’ve got some ideas and I hope to bring you with me through the process.

But Leaning Post is a nice thought. I want a leaning post. Maybe I’ll put one up here too.